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A Government of Totalitarianism

The Republic Is In Danger From Political and Judicial Insurrection

Totalitarianism- noun; A system of government in which the people have virtually no authority and the state wields absolute control, for example, a dictatorship. A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.).
The principle of complete and unrestricted power in government.


   In the last three years our Elected has initiated an insurrection against the people of the United States who is the Government established by The Constitution. The founders never intended for the elected to rule over the people and the current administration on the federal and state level has engineered a complete takeover of the people through unconstitutional laws, rules, and mandates.

   In the last two years alone we have witnessed an absolute unconstitutional attack of former President Donald Trump by the prosecutors and judges who are sold out to George Soros and the Biden Regime in blatant acts of election interference by fabricating offenses to keep him from campaigning, with the ultimate goal of falsely convicting him of any offense that will disqualify him from the 2024 ballot.

   New York City District Attorney Letitia James, in collusion with Justice Arthur Engoron, brought a civil lawsuit against Trump for alleged fraudulent business practices which have been proven false by the testimony of world recognized financial experts who confirmed that there was no fraudulent financial reporting by Trump or the Trump organization. Prosecutor James posted a comment on her social media pages that Judge Engoron had already judged Trump as guilty before the trial began. indicating the entire process was unconstitutional and illegally initiated because the Prosecutor and the judge were compromised by personal bias.

 It has also come to light that both DA James and Judge Engoron were large donors to the Biden campaign and have received money from Trump hating George Soros, as well as information that both have exchanged texts and emails with Biden White House senior staff in what can only be characterized as purposeful election interference in an attempt to keep Trump from being reelected.

   Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is overseeing two cases against Trump. The first is the documents case that initiated the unconstitutional raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, and the Case of alleged election interference. The question has recently been presented as to whether Jack Smith was constitutionally appointed or was he simply given the reins by the Biden White House without the approval of Congress. It would not be the first time that the Biden administration evaded constitutional standards to further an agenda. If Jack Smith was not appointed by Congress the charges against Trump are not prosecutable and will be dropped after Supreme Court examination.

   With multiple state's Attorneys General attempting to keep Trump off of their state's ballot, it has become clear that they also don't see Jack Smith's cases, or any of the other current cases against Trump being effective in keeping him from being elected. In their paranoia they have decided to throw a hail Mary with an attempt to keep his name off the ballot. They are using the 14th Amendment, Section 3, as grounds to deny him a place on the state ballot using the “insurrection” clause as a case foundation. What is most surprising about this tactic is that the amendment does not apply to the President and even if it should, the only way the amendment is applicable is after a formal trial verdict of guilty. Colorado Supreme Court tried to claim they had a “trial” and after studying all the “evidence” they came to the conclusion the Trump was guilty of insurrection. Of course, anyone with any legal acuity knows that a trial must be preceded by an indictment, charges filed, judicial arraignment, trial date set, trial with Prosecutor, Defendant, Defense Attorneys, and jury. Evidence must be presented and witnesses questioned. Upon completion of these things, a formal jury judgement of guilty must be rendered before the 14th Amendment, Section 3, applies to the situation. By the Colorado Supreme Court finding Trump guilty of insurrection without the preceding events taking place, they have effectively violated Trump's civil rights, namely his 5th Amendment protection of “Due Process.” When brought before the United States Supreme Court, the decision will not stand under constitutional scrutiny. Since the Colorado totalitarian decision, many other Democrat run states are in a fever to do the same thing before the SCOTUS can bring a ruling, probably in the hope it will not be heard before their primaries in 2024.

   The actions of the Colorado Supreme Court, as well as the proposed actions by the other Democrat run states to take the same action, shows very clearly that those states have no regard to the rights of their Republican citizens by denying them their right to vote for the candidate of their choice, placing political agendas ahead of the people. This is the agenda of the Democratic Party in full. Should such an action be allowed to stand there will never be another constitutional election in our future. If one state can successfully manipulate the ballot to stop the opposing party candidate from receiving votes, every state can do it which will make elections ineffective, and the Republic will be destroyed. 

   The Biden White House conspiring with Soros funded Prosecutors and Judges to stop a political opponent from running against him by using fabricated offenses is the actions of a Totalitarian Dictatorship and the American people need to step in and stop it from happening. Our elected representatives can no longer be trusted to work in our best interests, so we as a nation must be prepared to take whatever steps necessary to protect our Republic from compromised politicians, judges, prosecutors, and the invasion of our country by foreign political insurgents disguised as immigrants. 

   Nobody in their right mind wants war, but just as our founders had to pledge their lives to the security and future of this nation, We the People are now at the same point in our history. We must stand ready to give our very lives to the protection of the Republic even if it should mean taking up arms against the corrupt and destructive elected and their appointed minions. God bless and strengthen our patriots and God bless the United States.

The Confederate Battle Flag

The Truth and History of a Symbol of Division

   I am Southern by birth but Republican and Conservative by choice. What that means is, I'm against slavery, Jim Crow, poll taxes, and discrimination based on race. I am a supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King, who was also a Republican and a Conservative. I am not a supporter of anything Democrat or liberal. It was the Democrats who owned slaves, started the Civil War because they didn't want to give up their slaves, and camouflaged their indignation and insurrection under the guise state's rights. They created the KKK, fought the Civil Right Movement and not one Democrat voted in favor of the amendment giving other races the right to vote. They also created the Confederate Battle Flag commonly referred to the Stars and Bars. I don't support that flag either. 

   The flag is not a southern thing; it is a Democrat thing. It is a reminder that a political party chose to separate itself from the rest of the country because they believed that keeping other human beings in captivity was their human right and so they would divide the nation because of it. Thankfully they were not successful. Do I believe the Confederate Flag should be banned? No, not by any means because without reminders of our transgressions we are doomed to repeat them. 

   The Confederate Flag is no longer relevant, not only because the majority of Americans stand for freedom for all people, no matter their race or sex, and stand for equal right under the law, but its symbolism has become irrelevant. Sadly, there are Republicans in the South who continue to hold that flag up, fly it from their flagpoles and their vehicles while at the same time declaring they are against slavery and discrimination. We can't eat at the table of the righteous and the unrighteous at the same time. 

   The only flag that matters is the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, the American Flag, and it's the only flag you will see me display. Keep the Confederate flags as reminders of the atrocities committed by the Democrat Party and the thousands of men who died to keep the Republic secure, but don't keep it under the mistaken assumption it stands for anything other than the enslavement and degradation of other human beings.

   Today, the Democrats are still working to keep this nation divided by whatever means they can, and continue to weaken and compromise our personal and national security by creating laws, rules, and mandates that attempt to take away our inalienable rights as listed in the Constitution. They have introduced indoctrination into our public schools that defies common sense and scientific standards concerning gender, sexuality, socially acceptable communications, and morality. The Democratic Party of to day is no different than that of the 1860's except today they no longer attempt to camouflage their intent of complete destruction of our traditional moral and ethical standards, the subversion of the Constitution and an utter disregard for the rights of the people. They have become fully transparent to their intent to overthrow the Government, who is The People, and establish a Marxist Democracy which will allow them to assume complete power over the masses. The time has come for the People to follow the example of our founders when they penned in the Declaration these words;

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”  and “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

   Remember, the Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of Democrat's values and Marxist agenda to destroy our Republic and once again enslave a free people. Don't throw it away, but instead display it in your home as a reminder of what type of people we do not want to become again.

Will Militia Become Necessary Again?

Why Did the Founders Add The Second Amendment?

   There have been many debates and heated discussions about why the Second Amendment was penned and added to the Constitution by the founders of this nation. Many believe it only authorized a military controlled Militia, much like the National Guard, and others believed it was to organize a citizen army trained and controlled by the military. Actually, the Militia is a little of both.

   During the Revolutionary War the Continental Army was the standing army of the time. It was federal troops under the supervision of the Continental Congress and led by General George Washington. During that same time there were local security forces known as Minutemen who later became known as Militia. These men were referred to in such a manner because they were local citizens that were charged with the duties of putting down insurrections and invasions of their individual towns and villages. They were armed at all times in case they were called into service and they could deploy in a minutes notice. They had their own rules, regulations, and chain of command separate from the federal military and was under the supervision of the local law enforcement leaders such as Sheriffs and Constables. They were not law enforcement, but only had authority to assist the military in efforts to secure the safety and security of their individual states and counties. 

   The Militia was made up of local citizens from each city or village and could not be members of the military or have any military ties because the Militia was not to be controlled by the military or any federal command. The Militia was authorized to recruit among their local citizens who were men from the age of 15 years old to 45 years old. They were storekeepers, doctors, lawyers, laborers, farmers, ranchers, teachers, etc. Everyday citizens who volunteered to fight for their homes and their freedom against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

   When the war started General Washington and the Continental Congress knew that our army was outmanned and outgunned by the British, so they called up the local militias to assist them in defeating the British Army and securing the newly formed Republic. The Militia was so effective in the winning of the war that the founders wanted to make sure that the Militia would always be available to protect the people from future attacks by invaders of their lands and political attacks on their inalienable rights to live free from tyranny. The Second Amendment was added to ensure the people would always have the means to defend themselves from invasions and insurrections, including those from an authoritarian and power hungry elected.

   The Second Amendment was written as a deterrent to tyranny and that's why the current administration is trying so hard to cancel out our rights under the amendment by issuing unconstitutional rules and mandates through unelected bureaucratic agencies like the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATFE). Liberal Governors are also attempting to suspend the Second Amendment protections of their citizens by arbitrarily banning ownership of various firearms and attachments. It is an historical fact that when an elected wants to rule over the people that elected them, the first action they take is to disarm the people, or at least to the point that the people are not a threat to military takeover. One thing they count on is that the majority of the population does not know their rights or understand the Constitution, and that lack of knowledge will cause the people to simply comply with their rules and mandates without opposition.

   To make sure those who access this information source is fully informed, I'll break the second Amendment down as the founders intended, free of the political and social smoke and mirrors.

   “A well regulated Militia…”- To fully understand the thinking or intent of the founders, we first must look at the definition of the word ‘regulated’. The dictionary definition is; To control or direct according to rule, principle, or law. It basically translates to trained supervision to maintain the requirements of a rule, principle, or law. A well ‘supervised’ Militia would be one under the supervision of a trained leadership, which in the case of the Militia would be a non-military supervision, or a state licensed agency like the State Police, County Sheriff, or Police Department.

   “Being necessary to the security of a Free State…”- The founders understood the importance of having a civilian armed force available to assist state sanctioned agencies in maintaining the security of the Free State. They understood that for those citizens to be able to deploy quickly, they had to be armed at all times. They would have no time to run home, open the gun safe, load magazines, and make it to the point of battle before the area was overtaken by an enemy.

   “The right of the people…”- They made sure to plainly state who was the recipient of this right by saying “of the people” instead “of the military” or “of the National Guard.” This one line takes away any possibility that they intended for only law enforcement or military to be armed at all times.

“To keep and bear arms…”-This line not only destroys any thought that the people were only allowed to keep their guns in their homes. Had that been the case the line would have simply said, “to keep arms” and nothing else. But the words “keep and bear arms” is a clear message that the people had the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms when not in the home.

   “Shall not be infringed.”- The glue that holds the Constitution in place and creates an impassible wall for the authority of the Elected is the word “shall.” Anytime the word shall is used, it is an indicator that everything coming after cannot be changed or repealed by legislative action alone but can be changed by the amendment process alone. What is that process? To create another amendment takes a two-thirds majority vote in both the House and the Senate, as well as the support from two-thirds of the states when it involves an individual right such as the Bill of Rights, or the first ten amendments.

   So, the question is, will Militia be necessary again? The answer is, “Yes.” The current administration, along with a corrupt and compromised Congress, a questionable Supreme Court, and elements of influence outside this country, the time for Militia has never been more necessary. The misconception by the general population is that the Constitution protects our rights, but the fact is, the protection of our rights is our responsibility. The Constitution does not give us our rights or protect them. The only responsibility of the Constitution is to inform the elected of the limits of their power. When they purposely violate those limits it's our responsibility to correct their behavior by whatever constitutional method is available and most effective. The Second Amendment affords us a last resort method of correction when we believe the Republic to be in danger. When the elected fails to perform their constitutional duties for the people, it is our right, our duty, to remove them and replace them with new guards for our security. To do this we have only two options; the vote, or constitutional insurrection which includes armed revolution. The second, which is to never be taken lightly or decided suddenly, is the reason for the Second Amendment and the reason the powers that be do everything they can to “infringe” and constantly hopes to destroy our ability to put it into practice.

   We have an unprecedented number of international invaders poring across our borders to the South, with 90% of them being military aged males with no wives or children. They come from nations that hate this country and they are comprised of sexual predators, murders, gangs, drug and human traffickers, drug cartel members, Muslim extremists, and the worst specimens of third world countries. The situation has evolved to a point the elected can no longer stop what's coming. We are not at war with our elected at this point, but with those in the World economic Forum (WEF) and the New World Order (NWO) led by people like Klaus Shwab, Goerge Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others. It is these people who are our greatest enemies, and our only hope of defeating them is to defeat those they are flooding this country with.

   Very soon, in the days and weeks ahead, those coming across our southern border will begin to initiate acts of violence across the country to such an extent it could lead the current administration to declare a national emergency and initiate an Executive Order for Martial Law. I believe this to be the primary reason for the stolen election in 2020. To ensure that a puppet President is in the White House, supported by a corrupted Congress of Democrats and Republicans, a bought and paid for judiciary, a politicized DOJ, and a militant legal system led by activist prosecutors and judges. Because of this, I believe the need for Militia is greater now than it ever has been.

   Every community in this country should be forming Community Security Militia and preparing to defend their counties and states from the violence to come. It will come from those here illegally, and they may also find themselves having to defend their communities, counties, and states from unconstitutional actions by law enforcement and members of the military who choose to serve the regime instead of the Constitution and the people they gave an oath to protect and defend. Understand this, the elected in Washington D.C. and in our State Capitols is not the Government, the People of the United States is the Government. The elected are the representatives of the Government. That is the significance of the beginning of the Preamble to the Constitution when it began “We the People of the United States…” We the People are the Government, so when the elected attempts to subvert the Constitution and ignore the Rule of Law, they are in fact committing an insurrection against the Government and We the People have an obligation to the Republic to remove them by whatever Constitutional method available, even an armed one as a last resort. By including the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the founders were basically sending future Americans a message; “If you can't retain control of the Republic with ballots, use bullets.”